You Still Have To Wait, Now You Just Wait Outside

Here’s another reason you should not go to Britain. If you get sick enough to warrant a trip to the ER by ambulance, there is no priority system that says patience arriving via ambulance jump the queue, and if hospital staff don’t believe they can see you within four hours, as required by law, you will be kept outside in the ambulance, sometimes for an hour, so the clock doesn’t start ticking.

What? In what world does that even make sense? If you come to the hospital by ambulance, you’re in need of care ASAP. You might be having a heart attack or stroke or seizure or other event where time is of the essence. But 43000 patients were told to please wait, and please wait in an ambulance that might be needed to pick up other people…to add them to the line.

Hmmm. If Britain is anywhere as lawsuit-happy as the states, the hospitals had better get ready for trouble.

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