The Babs Journal: Day 6 (May 14, 2005

I apologize for not being as animated the last two days in my writing. It looked more like a captain’s log than a journal. It’s just so hard to fit it all in and remember everything and all that.

Well, I’m not as tired as I thought I’d be today since I didn’t make it to bed until midnight. And woohoo, there were no doodoos on my floor. No doodoos or piddle puddles either. She was comfortable on her doggy bed, and when I came to the door, she sprang up like the attentive little woofer puppy that she is. then she went back to her bed. I love that about her. All I have to do to get her up is grab the leash or make like I will and she’s up and standing and waiting. When I hold the collar down, she does a little ballet dance around it and then puts her own head in it, shakes it a little, and voila, we’re attached and connected and ready to go.

That didn’t last long. Soon, she’d rather run from me than too me.

Wow Babs just scared the bejesus out of me. She made sounds like she was gonna puke all over the floor. But she didn’t. Phew. I’m still like a new mom with her baby. The slightest abnormal noise and I’m right there.

Anyway, this morning I got up all groggy at 6 in the morning. I have to lay real still if I don’t want her to get up yet. One conscious movement and she’s on me like white on rice.

Tie-downs, how I love thee.

It’s cold and rainy today eeewww. And we have to go out in the rain for a big ass stroll. But somehow that doesn’t bother me.

We did obstacle avoidance.

We should have been going through obstacles every day, not at the end of the first week, especially since there were only 12 or so days left.

That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. We ziggedy zagged through all the obstacles and I didn’t hit a damn thing. Oh I was so impressed with her…so much so that I took her in and groomed her. That was fun, as always.

She’s so good to me when she’s on the grooming table. I can walk across the room and she’ll just sit there. She was good to me in the lounge too…I washed the dishes from our doughnuts and my hot chocolate mug and she didn’t move a muscle, even with other dogs moving around.

My watch decided to die…I really hope it’s just the battery. Arg. Hate that. I rely on that thing to keep on time.

Oh, we got our lottery numbers. I tried to scribble on my ticket my name…with what I thought was a pen. Bzzz, wrong, try again, dumbass. It was a *permanent*! marker. The cap fell off and I managed to get permanent marker all over my neck. It looked like i’D GONE VAMPIRE. We managed to get it off with alcohol. Thank god. That would have been super embarrassing. Instructor Tim’s funny. He goes, “lift your head. Hmmm, what happened to you, did your dog bite you? Are you bleeding black blood?
Are you a vampire?”

Oo I better booggy…get all soaked in the rain. Singin’ in the rain, singin’ in the rain. What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again.

Ooo I’m tired. Bagged. Don’t quite know why.

That was so funny how that happened. I wasn’t tired for the first few days, and then it hit me like a brick on the Saturday all of a sudden. It was as if one second I was fine, and the next I was a zombi. That was not the way it went at GDB. Not exactly. I guess I was pretty good until the beginning of the next week.

I went out in the rain with my raincoat. We avoided obstacles, and my baby did flawlessly. Absolutely flawlessly. Then we sat in the van and talked…dried her off cause she was all wet. poor doggy. I dried her off and we all talked. Then Sharon got us all laughing histerically. We were talking about someone Sharon knows and I know of. So anyway she’s talking about how she had a baby and I’m like another one. and she’s llike yeah I guess, must have had to give the other one up. I’m like yeah she got around. and Margery says “Yeah, she should have learned to cross her legs. Cross ’em, or put a pillow in there or something!”

Keep in mind this is a 70-something-year-old woman saying this. We just died laughing. And we said that it was great that she was not easy to offend and said cool things. And she’s llike, “I’m glad I’m not a…” and we thought she said whore. But what she said actually was “bore.” So we’re doubled over again and she can’t figure out what we thought was so side-splittingly funny. And then when she does figure out why we’re in stitches for round 2, she just about dies. She started saying “b! B!” as if she was saying not whore, bore!

By the time instructor Tim comes back with other Tim, we’re all doubled over and tears are streaming down our faces. God damn I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

I had a minor scare because I’m a big dork and spilled all my change. I’m diving for it, and then student Tim hears crunch crunch crunch. and he makes her spit out a dime. I felt so so bad. I managed to get all the rest of the change, and he says to instructor Tim, “I think Willow might have swallowed a coin.” Instructor Tim swears she wouldn’t have. She might have played with it, but spit it out. I got all my change picked up. I felt so bad…if I’d caused Willow to be sick, I would have felt so bad.

We get back and I become so absent minded. Babs goes nuts and tries to drag me to the building. She eats, or tries to, before I blow the whistle. Oo I was mad at her for that. I made her stop eating and wait until I whistled.

That’s one thing I wish GDB did. Love the whistle, especially when your dog gets away! It’s a wonderful recall technique. I was going to train Trix to whistle feed, but I lost the damn whistle! I liked it because we couldn’t hear it much, but Babs sure could.

But I was so tired I forgot to lift up her water dish before I put her food down, but I got to it before she drank it all. God I just feel so bagged. Instructor Tim went over my obedience stuff and finally took that bastard ticket that got me to get marker all over my neck. I hope to hell it’s a winning ticket. Ooo! 25 million. That’ll buy a lot of doggy toys.

So tomorrow is our first day of rest, and I get to give Babs her bone. Ooo! her bone! ooo! I’m tired. tired.

We’re thinking of giving Anka a travel mug cause she likes her coffee…oh yeah did I mention my watch breaking yet? that’s a royal pain. Instructor Tim’s taking it to see if it’s the battery. So tomorrow we rest. Then Monday we get some lectures on doggy stuff and then some walks dealing with obstacle-avoidance that may lead us into the street if they block the whole sidewalk. Apparently there’s a horrible thing they do to us where they drive a car at us and see what our dogs and we do. I’m scared of that one. But that’s not yet.

Oh and then Sue will stay with us and we can buy CGDB merchandise. I’m getting doggy boots. Yeah yeah yeah fork over the doggy boots!

I wonder what kind of a reception Babs would have given me about the boots. Probably not a very warm one.

And then we get our ID cards Tuesday morning…me and my dog both get in the picture! ooo! and don’t know anything after that. Tired, will see what Margery is up to, she needed some braille read. Oh we found some braille cards. Way cool. Tired…will see what she’s up to.

Went to her room and there was no braille on those tapes. I don’t know about Margery. I love her to death, but both Sharon and I notice she has trouble hearing and she gets lost a lot. The hearing thing is especially bad because she misunderstands instructions all the time. Poor Margery. Out of respect for her I can’t say anything to her about her hearing. If she was my age I’d ask her if she’d consider getting her hearing tested. But I can’t say that to her. That would be so disrespectful. And I think she’s a great person and all, don’t want to tick her off.

So we went to her room and then came out to the lounge and then I almost fell asleep there. Came back to room and crashed. I heard Babs having puppy dreams again. Those little barks are the greatest. That’s about it.

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