The Babs Journal: Day 7 (May 15, 2005)

Well it’s our day of rest. And resting we’re doing. Anka even didn’t make breakfast until 9. That poor woman seems exhausted. That’s the first time I’ve seen her sort of cranky. But her version of cranky is mild compared to what it could be. We had french toast for breakfast and then I gave Anka my sheets and towels to wash. She washed our sheets and towels! She deserves an award. Then I took Babs to busy and groomed her, and after that I gave her her bone. They said she might just take it away and chew it…but she chewed it for a minute or two, very happily, and then wanted to do something else. So we went to find Margery and we couldn’t. Then we went looking for Sharon and couldn’t find her either. Gees! Tim was at the computer reading the paper. I eventually found Sharon and then we went out on the patio. That was nice. Our dogs got all warm from the sun, especially Charity cause she’s black. Then Margery came out and joined us and then we all came back in for lunch. Then after lunch, we sorta were bad and let three of our dogs, while on leash, play together. Oh they were so happy. Then I took Babs into Sharon’s room and she and Charity played together until Babs barked, which is not allowed, so we had to stop the game. But that tired them out, which was good, because Babs was being a real jerk to me, refusing to sit, etc. After the game, she was better.

Then I went and tried to do laundry…but both machines were in use. Damn I hate being short. What they’ve done is the dryer sits on top of the washer and the controls for both machines are up at dryer level…which is just about out of my reach. But Sharon’s nice and is going to help me wash my clothes. Glad she’s helping, but arg I hate being dependent on someone else for something like laundry. So I haven’t done laundry yet. Haven’t done much else. Just hangin’ out.

Man I could have slept forever this morning. Will have to sleep with the clock radio in my covers so I can press it without making big movements that will make Babs think, “Ooo, Mommy’s up! Come and sniff/lick her!” before I want to get up. I want my watch back! sniffle sniffle!

I love the way Babs moos, and sighs. She always sounds like she’s deep in thought when she sighs. The dogs are all getting nicknames. I call Amy fuzzball cause she’s the fuzziest of them all, Sharon calls Charity bedbug because she’s always climbing into Sharon’s bed and Sharon’s had to set up an elaborate apparatus of a chair and her can78 machine on the bed to keep Charity off it, and I call mine moo-cow because she’s always mooing…and I haven’t come up with a nickname for Willow yet.

My parents are acting all sad and lonesome. They’re saying, “We know you can’t have visitors today, but can we call? Is that even a good idea?” I told them gees of course call.

That was stupid. I mean, even if we couldn’t leave campus, we should have been allowed to have visitors in to see us. That’s dumb to keep us like inmates, not even inmates. Inmates get visitors!

I’m starting to think I should be sending them this daily scoop too. I thought it might bore them, and I’m still not sure if I want to expose them to my inside thoughts on the bad days…which I’m sure will come. Still debating.

Well I should probably get going, should see if Sharon will help this shrimp do laundry. And maybe do obedience…although Babs is pretty dead here. Maybe I’ll do obedience a bit later. That’s the only thing I hate doing. And babs says moo. and Amy has a deep bark. and margery isn’t getting her in trouble. Later dudes.

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