You’re On Fired!

Erie, Pennsylvania firefighter Mary Wolski has gone to court to get her job back because she says her termination violated her constitutional rights.

The reason she was let go? While trying to take her own life, Wolski
set her father’s house on fire.
No mention was made of whether or not she also helped to put it out, something that might have helped her case a little.

I don’t know why she thinks her job should be returned to her. As Fire Chief Tony Pol quite rightly points out in Wolski’s termination letter, setting somebody’s house on fire makes you not only unsuitable for the job, but also makes you a danger to yourself and other people.

To me, letting her continue to work would be a lot like letting a sex offender continue to function as a priest. Ok, bad example. It would be like allowing cheats and criminals to serve as elected officials. NO wait, that won’t do at all. Let’s try this again. Bringing her back to the department would be like letting somebody with more than one DUI continue to own and operate a vehicle. Oh never mind, you get my point. And as long as the people in charge of making important decisions for Erie’s fire department do too, everything will work out just fine.

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