The Babs Journal: Day 12 (May 20, 2005)

Well it’s Friday. Next Friday I’ll be packing like a mo fo and going home. Hope I remember how I fit everything in. And no zipper-splittage! Can’t believe I have all my stuff plus more. Yeesh! Glad I’ve got mom and dad picking me up.

This morning was rather uneventful. No pretend slaps from Anka, no great big laugh fests, nothing like that. It was pretty low key.

Speaking of Anka, we decided that instead of Timmy ho’s stuff for Anka, we’re going to get her some German chocolate from this dellie. That would be way cool. Decided that yesterday at lunch.

Babs played a lively game of let’s roll around in front of mom to avoid getting the leash on. But I managed to win that one.

Shit I have to wash my teacup. Must remember to do that. Hope Anka didn’t do it already. The last thing I wanted to do was leave her more work.

I wonder if Margery’s watch will go again. Her watch went yesterday, back to 12 midnight, and she somehow thought it was 12 noon and we’d all left without her. Gees Margery I’d never do that.

I hope we go on another tandem walk today. That was so much fun. So much fun. She had a good chew on her bone last night…she just loved it. I like to give her her bone after a hard day. Not much else has happened yet today, except we got talking about another guide dog whose name sounded like quicky. Now we’ve got Quicky and Goodscrew. Oh dear. Going down hill.

Have to do her grooming/obedience. I love getting that over with first thing in the morning. And it doesn’t take long either. Then I’m free as a bird.

Maybe after, I’ll go out on the patio. Yesterday afternoon was so nice on the patio. Margery and I took our puppies out there and let them catch some sun. Oh that’s the other thing we’re gonna do on Saturday, free run the dogs. That’ll be fun.

This morning I noticed that I can sometimes just say door and she’ll sit. Beautiful, it’s starting to come.

So this morning I have to wash my teacup and do her grooming/obedience and then maybe check out the weather. Then maybe I’d have more interesting things to say.

Well that walk was fun…except she tried to take out another guide dog. Silly girl. I guess she thought maybe they’d have a confab about schools. Hahah. But we managed to get her past a yappy little dog, which I thought was damn Good. IT was a pretty good walk. I figured out why my legs start hurting. It’s when my shoes come loose or close to untied. Then I start walking funny to keep my shoes on. I do it subconsciously so I don’t even realize it.

Wow it’s cool to walk with her and watch her tail wag. It wacks me sometimes as we walk. Then I don’t feel like I’m working her so hard. It’s like she’s having fun.

Before we went out, Margery and I took our dogs out on the patio. Then I brought Babs into Margery’s room and Babs and Amy had a little play. When I groomed her, I noticed a little scab under her fur on her back near her side. It was very attached. I think it was from when Babs got caught in a little altercation with Charity and Willow in the hall. They bite around there. I showed it to instructor Tim and he says not to worry. So I can relax. Just have to get this lump resolved. Hurry up hurry up hurry up.

It seems she likes to be groomed, she drooled on me when I was doing it. I think that’s a good sign hahaha.

I really am starting to think like a dog. I went to go straight to lunch, and then I thought, “no no, she needs water.” So I brought her in here and sure enough she slurped down some water. Thirsty little thing.

It’s so nice out there. So beautiful. Yesterday afternoon was nice too. I like the beautiful days. Well I should go and chow down. Later.

Well we got the rules for the visitors. Should be interesting. When they come, they are to be kept to the front of the building. When I first meet them, I’m not to bring Babs. Then I bring Babs out and they’re to ignore the dog to keep her from getting excited. Then they can say hi. My parents are going to have a hard time with that. But that’s the scoop and I wanna follow the rules and not have a problem.

Poor Margery is completely confused. She thought visitors were coming this afternoon, then tomorrow, then finally she figured out that it was Sunday.

We might get to go to DQ next week. Excited about that for sure. So it’s back to the Gleib again. Wonder if it’s for a tandom walk. Heehee. Love them love them love them.

Oh yeah, I can’t say ok at corners because Babs thinks that’s synonymous with forward and takes off. So must watch my words.

Mom is going to help me get the card for Tim’s present. Yea. Then that will have that all wrapped up. 50 bucks at Canadian tire should be pretty damn good.

I should probably steal the computer. Today’s the last day to enter into the Japan contest.

Tired. Exhausted. Will try to sum up rest of day. Went out for afternoon walk. Was good, but found out later that Sharon and Tim got to do it tandem. But it would have been a busy street so would have been hard. Anyway would have looked forward to another tandem walk. Oh well, we did pretty well except for my dog trying to say hi to a dog tied to a post.
Found out Babs likes to catch flies and has a fear of bumble bees. Came back and ate supper, found out we’re doing our first group walk which is way cool. Had chillie for supper and headed back to room before going to Tim Hortons to take my pills. Dropped pill. Dog got it! Opened dog’s mouth but pill was gone. Dog sensed my panic and started licking me frantically. Ran to van white as a ghost afraid of what 10 mg of hydrocortisone would do to dog. Feeling stupid. They told me not to worry because they do give dogs cortisone for stuff so it won’t kill her. Was completely distracted at Timmy Ho’s, wolfed down my half of a chocolate cheesecake thing without really tasting it. Wasn’t able to talk much because I felt so damn stupid and terrified of what would happen to her. Babs tried to eat gum off the bottom of the table. Scary Jane and her daughter were there. We eventually left and came back home.

Margery almost let her dog poop in harness. Bad! Bad bad bad!

Came back and went over a bunch of CGDB merchandise, bought dog boots.

Went to room and gave dog her bone, she chewed it a while. Talked to mom and dad, dad seemed really mad. Really really mad. Don’t know why, wish I did.

Talked to Sharon a little while. Came back here, will crash. Will sleep soundly I’m sure. Tired. Tim says not to worry about the pill, he’s probably right. That will never ever happen again. Jesus she ate it so fast I didn’t have a chance. Just crunch. Jesus.

Ok, crashing for real this time.

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