The Babs Journal: Day 15 (May 23, 2005)

Today was interesting so far. Went out on individual walks. Sorta felt more comfortable. I always feel a wee bit nervous when I start off, but we seem to fall into place.

Or so you led yourself to believe.

Had one crossing where she danced so we were facing into the middle of the intersection, gotta get used to detecting that.

that would be the signal to instructor Tim to help me get used to that! Knowing you’re going home in 4 days and are having trouble aligning is not a safe plan. But he would just help me fix it by turning me the right way, but it was always rushed.

Then I took her out after the walk and she peed and I could tell she peed. I’m getting better at that. Oh and I actually picked up her poop. Guess I missed some…but I didn’t step in any, and I knew she pooped! Yee ha! This is getting easier.

Poor Margery, Amy had an accident in her room. She seems very frazzle fried, poor woman. Everyone’s in a low mood today. Tim and Sharon and Margery are now all taking their dogs out into this grassy little run because they thought they’d go better. They all did poop I guess. Think that’s all that’s happened so far.

Today I speak to Babs’ puppy walkers! Heehee! chinese food tonight…mmm…chinese.

I have these mixed feelings. I’m excited to be done, but I’m afraid to go home. Everybody else is really anxious to get home. Tim’s really super lonely and pessimistic, Sharon’s counting the days and celebrating. I’m just nervous. Getting a little better considering I can figure out what she’s doing now…but still nervous.

Now we’re going to group free run the dogs. This should be interesting to watch. They wanna play. I guess I should get there.

Well that was fun…did a whole bunch of group obedience, and threw in a whole bunch of distractions, things like, oh, say, Buddy the kennel cat coming by, being teased with toys, kibble, each other, but they misbehaved, and we were able to hold onto them. Cruel tricks on the dogs.

No. That should have been going on every damn day.

Then we let them loose. They had great amounts of fun…and out in the damn paddock, I stepped in poop! What is with my attraction to poop? Instructor Tim had to clean my shoe.

I don’t know what’s with Babs. She has her nose pressed to the door and won’t come when I sit on the floor and call her. I worry sometimes that she hasn’t bonded with me…na. It’s probably just cause she’s tired from the free run. That must be it.

Go with your gut, past self! And what were you smoking that a nose pressed to the door is a sign of being tired? That’s a sign of the dog wanting to go after something!

Crap! It’s 5:30 that I have my call. So I have to get her all fed and pooped before then. And I still have to groom her today. Today’s just been chaotic. Fun though.

My dog escaped. I opened the door and she had her nose pressed to it and then ran out. I got her back though.

What did I say? What did I say? Hahahahaha!

Then I went to find instructor Tim to call my puppy walkers, and found out Margery got lost outside. Ok, you walk out the door and you make a slight right and there’s a fense. Follow the fense and you’ll find a gate. Open it, take your dog into the grassy poop pen, find the gate again, turn around and go back and you’ll find the door. Not Margery. She ended up by kennels and who knows where else? oh dear dear. She was so scared she said “piss on it, I’m not using the grassy poop pen…I’m using the other run.” Poor woman is just shaken to the core. Poor poor woman.

Well anyway I talked to my puppy walkers, and I was so nervous. I was trying to think of things to ask her..and the only thing I could think of was what was Babs like as a puppy and what toys did she like? She likes congs apparently, and was a real chewer. She interrogated me though. “What job do you do? Will you be taking her? What children will you see? Where do you live? Send me pictures! I will be coming for a visit, expect me…” My god I felt like I was being screened for adoption. I was so nervous that the call didn’t last long. Then I ran Babs out to busy and got in the van and we went for Chinese.

Poor Margery was so quiet I just wanted to take her aside and give her a hug and say it’s alright, we all get lost sometimes. Hell leaving the office after the call I thought I was going to get lost in the maze of doors. But I found the right one thank god.

Babs was so dead to the world after her free run that when I shook the leash, she wouldn’t budge. Eventually I got her up.

Dinner was yummy. The only funny thing that happened was I bent down to see what Babs was doing, and got this big hand in my hair. I’m like Margery, I’m not Amy. We all had a good laugh, including Margery.

After, we came back and Tim read over the qualification packages. I hope all that stuff is on disk. Apparently a lot is. One thing that pisses me off is they assumed before that someone would be around to fill out your monthly report forms with you that you send back for the first six months. Um, dude? Even if I had tons of sighted friends around, who’s going to have time to sit and help me answer 20 questions once a month? Not really anybody. Oh well if it’s not on disk I’m sure they’ll find a way. And the sheets on access rights for guide dogs were in print. Ok there guys. Sure I can scan them, but why not just put them on the disk? Hello! Oh well we’ll see when I get the disk and find out what’s on it.

Then I bought a beany buddy for my neighbour. So that’s done. Then Sharon and I got talking. She’s funny. I was really starting to think she didn’t like me because there were a lot of bitter comments flying around about what we were eating, how many days were left, I was just like gees am I that annoying? I just figured I’d lay low.

Gotta remember to tell fund raising Steve tomorrow that mom and dad are willing to empty the Walmart guide dog.

Margery’s so funny. In describing what Amy was doing in the poop run, she said, “Oh, she’d jerk off to the left and jerk off to the right.” We were having trouble not going into spasms of laughter. I think we did rather well.

I think that’s about it. I’m tired. I should sleep. It’s late. Babs is snoring like a buzz saw.

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