When I Grow UP, I Want To Crush children’s Imaginations

If this column by Rosa Brooks is any indication, her kids will be in therapy before they reach their teens. Hopefully this article was mostly written as a joke, but somehow I doubt it.

I have one question for this woman. If she doesn’t like Disney Princess stuff, why does she own their movies and let her kids watch them? Her daughters aren’t going to the store and buying this stuff, she is. It’s the same thing as that old thing about kids and junk food advertisements.

And, for the love of Pete, woman, let your three-year-old have some imagination. We all wanted to be something crazy when we grew up. Talking about anorexia and guillotines to a toddler will get you exactly nowhere.

What else is there to say? Maybe stay away from this woman at any social gathering. If this column is any indication, she’s not a barrel of laughs.

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