You Are Getting Sleepy…Sleepy…And Stupid…

From the country that brought you legalized public sex in the park comes wackiness of such a degree that it has to be a product of all that legalized pot.

Unemployed Dutch people are being forced to sign up for what is being called past-life therapy in the hopes that getting in touch with old selves and reflecting on the negative experiences those people might have had will give their current minds some perspective on why they have trouble finding work now.

Government officials, who are apparently serious about this and not just fucking with people because they’re high and they can, have gone so far as threatening welfare recipients with the loss of their benefits if they refuse to enter the program.

Luc Winants, the councillor responsible for social affairs in Maastricht, has defended the technique as a spiritual method for helping the unemployed.

“It might very well be true that reincarnation therapy is a means to get people back to work,” he told De Limburger newspaper.

Well ok, when you use that kind of persuasive language, spending those thousands of dollars makes complete sense. I’m a fool for thinking otherwise.

At press time there was no word on whether Mr. Winants had decided to seek therapy to get in touch with the past life that suffered a profound brain injury, but we’ll keep you posted.

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