Oh Dannie Boy, The Pipes, The Pipes, Are Deafening

This story cracks me up for three reasons. the first is because as I read it, I can almost hear JAWS sprouting a Scottish accent because of the words used. the second is the image of how much worse off the rest of the world’s hearing would be if pipe bands everywhere tuned up with ear plugs and couldn’t truly hear what they were doing. Oh god, I don’t know what is worse: deafening pipe bands which are in tune, or the horrid screeches that would come out of deafening pipe bands that weren’t in tune. Finally, the fact that the bagpipe is louder than a pneumatic drill makes me chuckle for some reason.

Refresh my memory. Was the bagpipe among the five shittiest musical instruments? Yes! It was! Well, I guess it belongs there.

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