The Dipshits Got Off!

What the hell? Remember the dipshits who wheeled the corpse of their room-mate down the street to a cheque-cashing place so they could get his cheque? Well, charges were dropped! Apparently these guys were able to convince a judge that Cintron was alive before they left the house! Riiight! Then why did they wheel him in a fucking office chair? he had Parkinson’s. If he was that debilitated, I’m sure he had a proper wheelchair. And if he croked mid-walk, wouldn’t you, uh, stop and call 911? Or are these two numbskulls too stupid to realize when somebody’s heart has stopped going lub dub? And, they say they all had cheque-cashing authority on each other’s cheques. Then why didn’t the clerk think so? Why couldn’t they explain that, instead of wheeling in Floppy the corpse? If they thought he was alive, why didn’t they bring him in anyway? And what’s with the quote at the end where one of the guys who was accused said he was absolutely amazed? What was he amazed at? Was he amazed he got off? Was he amazed that he was charged? What the fuck?

This sucks. I’m sure they would have been convicted if the autopsy could prove the time of death in a more exact manner. I hope to christ that the judge didn’t truly believe this pile of crap. I certainly don’t.

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