A New Target For Shoplifters

What’s with this trend? We had HomeDepot employees not allowed to chase down shoplifters. Now, Target has a policy that says security guards can’t stop shoplifters unless they’re one of the ones designated to do so, and if you’re not, even if you’re trying to stop a teen from stealing booze, you will be fired, like Dean Babcock did.

The weirdest part was he didn’t even wrestle her or chase her or anything. He just walked up to her, asked her if she had some booze, she said she did, he told her it was a crime, took down her information and called her dad. He even let her go. But he got the job done because now her dad knew about it, and was thankful that it was brought to his attention. But because Babcock wasn’t one of the catch the shoplifters squad, none of whom were on duty by the way, he was chewed out and fired.

Ok then. He’s a security guard. When did stopping shoplifting get removed from the job description of security guards? And what would they do if another patron caught a shoplifter and chased him down? Would they ban the guy who chased the shoplifter from shopping at the store? Most importantly, when did following some code become more important than doing the right thing?

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