Trouble In Paradise?

Ooo! this humdinger conclusion of a wedding night fits into a couple of categories. There’s of course the predictable category of humdinger wedding night conclusions, but also the groom is a dentist!

This story has what the hell written all over it. Why did he Karate kick her? Why did she fight off people coming to her aid? Why heave live plants at elevators? And the one that makes me laugh the hardest, why was he arraigned wearing tuxedo pants, a bloody shirt, and one shoe? I mean, I know booze was involved, but by all accounts, she was more boozed up than he was. Why did he end up in rougher shape? I thought it was funny that one of the hapless victims who came to her aid got a tooth knocked out. maybe, as part of some kind of settlement, the groom can do some free dental work for the person. But would they want that?

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