>Jibber Jabber, Chit Chat, and Tech Talk

>I don’t know what’s up with me right now, but I’m full of this unfocused, nervous energy. I’m about as distracted as Trixie after she just saw a pup she likes. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could write a post and get that energy out. So here’s some randomness…ooo! A squirrel! I find the […]

>And This Doesn’t Disturb You?

>Ya know, the appropriate response when your eight-year-old grandson slugs his teacher is not “He loves to hit.” You won’t love the fact that he’s facing felony battery charges. And you won’t love it if he ever loves to hit you, granny. Eight-year-olds only get bigger, and when he’s already 70 pounds, things aren’t lookin’ […]

Is The Dictionary Sexually Explicit Because It Contains The Word Sex?

If you’re thinking about opening a bookstore, or anything that sells anything bookish in Indiana, you’d better take a long, hard look at your content, because as of July, a new law states that if you’re going to sell anything that even remotely is in the ballpark of sexually explicit, you have to pay a […]

>Did We Win?

>Three synchronized swimmers made news this week by taking the synchronized part a little too far. The swimmers, who were training themselves to hold their breath for long periods of time,passed out and went under simultaneously. Unfortunately they weren’t triplets [which would have made this even more amusing] but still, I guess it’s true what […]