Brings New Meaning To Trouser Snake, Doesn’t It?

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch! I’m not a guy, but I can imagine getting bit on the end of your penis by a venomous snake can’t be pleasant. Oh ow ooo eee! The guy’s just lucky that somehow the snake didn’t fill him with venom, so he’s alive to remember the painful incident. I […]

Both Sides Of Your Mouth Need A Dictionary

This gets quote of the day honours without question. Members of Toronto’s Chinese Canadian National Council are upset about a new booklet produced by local government that is intended to help small business owners in the area better understand Chinese employees they may interview or hire. I haven’t seen enough of what’s gotten them upset […]

Dancing To The Beat Of A Different Drum And Talking To The Hand

Have you ever thought to yourself “gee, I’d love to dance a jig, but I have no music. If only I could dance and create my own music!” No? Didn’t think so. But somebody did, and is working on a pacer suit! Apparently, as you dance, it generates the music, which might only play in […]


> 29 May, Thu, 15:51:23Google:baby for sale couple,vancouver, deserves another chance They do? Why? What’s to be gained by leaving a child in the care of people this stupid, other than making sure that social workers and probation officers have something to do for the next several years if the kid makes it that far? […]