Italian Tax Officials Make Identity Theft Easy

Hey there Massimo Romano, director of Italy’s tax office, what were you smoking when you decided to post everyone’s tax info on a site that anyone could look at? In an era of identity theft, in what universe did you think this was a good idea?

Even without identity theft, since when was posting people’s addresses along with their incomes a safe thing to do? That’s like broadcasting someone’s address and what expensive good stuff they have in their house so people can come rob them.

And how does this prevent tax-evasion? I think it would encourage it. If I knew that all my info was going to be hung out on some public site for all to see, I’d decide maybe I’d be safer not to file.

And with what privacy policy was this in line? I have my suspicions that it wasn’t in line with any of them, and the tax office director simply has a lot of balls to claim it was and hope that would do as an explanation.

Thank god privacy groups were watching and had the site shut down. But I wonder what damage has already been done, and a cynical part of me wonders what its true purpose was, even though officials keep claiming that it was some kind of attempt to encourage transparency and the free circulation of information. Whatever. That was a little too transparent.

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