>How Much Is ThatDoggy Through The Windshield?

>Doesn’t everybody know that you shouldn’t drive a car with Sparky the chihuahua on your lap? Doesn’t everybody realize that that could lead to an accident if Sparky moves unexpectedly and causes you to strike the gas or brake, or jumps down and hits it himself? But when a bill was proposed to ban the ability of drivers to drive with pets in their laps, people flipped out!
People, stop driving and talking on the cellphone, and stop driving and cuddling fido. Fido goes in the back, or on the passenger’s seat, but he does not go on your lap! As was finally said by a sensible person after everyone was done being idiots, “”I love dogs, I love being close to them. But when I’m in a car, pushing 3,000 pounds of metal at 60 miles an hour, I also like to keep my fellow motorists alive.”

thank you! I wish everybody thought like that. But if they did, we wouldn’t need this bill.

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