Kids Today!

Oh boy. Is this a case of Jacob Bowring trying to retaliate? Nope, the guy’s name is Leonard Litt, strangely enough he was pretty lit up when they found him, and he hit the wrong car. Why in hell would he want to ram his dad’s car anyway? That’s never explained. And did he think that if he gave that as a reason for all of this, the police would say “Oh ok then. You’re free to go!”? All we know is he scared the everloving hell out of a poor woman whose car he did ram, then he abandoned his SUV, then came back hours later to get it, ran shoeless through people’s yards, heaved a bottle of vodca into the woods, and hid in a tree. The dogs found him anyway.

So now he’s off to jail. I guess he won’t be calling dad for help with bail.

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