>Another Dog Becomes A Guide Dog!

>Holy crap. It just hit me. Remember when I talked about Trixie’s raiser’s next puppy going into training? Well, today, she graduates! Yup, Marlene, Trixie’s raiser, can say she created another fine dog. You go, Betts, I hope you’re just as awesome as Trixie. You probably are, since you got a fine start. Hopefully the person who gets Betts will be far more articulate than I was on graduation day. I remember the staff talking about graduation and saying that we don’t have to make a speech, but you can if you want to. I was so tired I couldn’t think to prepare a speech. I thought the right words would come when the time came. Well, no, they didn’t. I’m sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights. I stammered, bit back tears, and tried to leave the stage too soon. Yeah, that looks good. I still can’t bear to watch myself on the DVD they sent home of the graduation.

I wish I could find Betts’s handler. It would be cool to have something in common. But then I think I am idealizing things, and if I did meet her, she might drive me insane. I just hope she keeps in touch with Marlene. She deserves as much. Go Betts! You rock!

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