Friends Don’t Let Themselves Drive Drunk

Some of you might remember the
story of Pat Dykstra,
the woman who called 911 from behind the wheel of her car to report that she was too drunk to drive. Well, strange as it sounds, and to me it sounds quite strange because I can’t remember 1 case of this in my lifetime let alone 2 in the same year,
it’s happened again,
this time to an unidentified man from Seattle, Washington.

DISPATCHER: “911 What are you reporting?”

DRIVER: “I just don’t know if I’m safe to be driving.”

DISPATCHER: “OK. Where are you right now?”

DRIVER: “Uhhhhhh, somewhere between Kent and Southcenter.”

DISPATCHER: “And why wouldn’t you be safe?”

DRIVER: “I’m pretty drunk. I don’t feel good.”

It’s nice that these goofs are calling themselves in, but it would be even better if they had the sense to call for a ride before it came to that point.

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