Obey Your Thirst, Except When Riding A Horse!

I have so many questions about this story. Juliet Brown, 9, was riding a horse with her dad. She got thirsty, so they stopped and got a pop. When she opened it, the horse spooked, bucked her off and dragged her for a mile and a half. Not surprisingly, the poor kid died.

So now the questions. I’ve only ridden a horse three times, and never have I felt confident enough that I could ride the horse and drink something at the same time. I figured I would be wearing the drink, or choking on it when we hit a bump or the horse made a sudden move. So that’s amazing that the kid felt that comfortable on the horse. Had she done that before?

Second, where did they stop to get this pop? Were they riding down the street? I was just confused, not a big deal.

But finally, would the sound of a pop can opening be similar to a whip cracking to a horse? Like I said, I’ve only ridden a horse 3 times, so I don’t know.

All I do know is that would be a horrible way to die. I feel for the family.

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