That’s The Best He Can Come Up With?

Toronto Mayor David Miller has
announced plans
to ban shooting ranges and gun clubs because he thinks closing them down will help put an end to gun violence in the city.

Of course he’s absolutely right, because history has unquestionably shown how dangerous Olympic athletes and gun collecting hobbyists have been to our existence over the years. The sheer number of gang-related incidents these criminals have been involved in is simply astounding, and it’s nothing more than pure insanity that they have been allowed to continue their activities unchecked for so long.

Seriously now, does this guy have any idea what the hell he’s talking about? I’m by no means a gun supporter, but I’m not so blinded by hysteria that I’ve forgotten who the real problem is. And in case there’s any question, the responsible people with registered firearms, the ones who like to do a little target shooting now and then, they aren’t it. The people we need to worry about aren’t the ones you can trace to a real name and address, they’re the ones you find when it’s too late.

Shutting down these places accomplishes nothing other than scoring political points with likeminded goofballs. It won’t get guns legal or otherwise off the streets. It won’t stop people who want them for evil purposes from obtaining them. All it does is alienate folks who weren’t a problem to begin with. It’s a worthless proposal put forth by somebody who from many accounts is a worthless Mayor. I used to have no opinion on the man either way, but if this is his grand plan to save Toronto from becoming a murderous hell hole, maybe the detractors are right.

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