Dancing To The Beat Of A Different Drum And Talking To The Hand

Have you ever thought to yourself “gee, I’d love to dance a jig, but I have no music. If only I could dance and create my own music!” No? Didn’t think so. But somebody did, and is working on a pacer suit! Apparently, as you dance, it generates the music, which might only play in the suit or could be transmitted wirelessly to a sound system.

Uh, why? Usually, when I want to dance, there is already music playing. If there isn’t, why would I want to dance? And I would think you’d have to be a damn good dancer, because the musical rhythm is set by your dancing. It makes me wonder if it would sound like the music generated by my talking pedometer, which I have managed to get to work, although it’s not counting very accurately. But anyway. The music changes speed and rhythm depending on how fast you’re walking. So if you suck at dancing, I can’t even imagine what tune you’d be dancing to.

The fellow who is working on that wonder of wonders also has created a…glove phone! A what? All it says is it’s a cellphone embedded into the palm of a glove. Uh, why? I personally like to put my cellphone away when I’m done with it, and I don’t like to call home when I put my hand on something. Plus, I think people would think I was crazy if I was talking to my hand. “No no, that’s not the voices in my head, it’s my cellphone! See? It’s in this glove here! No, you don’t have to call the men in white coats.”

I’m trying to figure out why Nikola Knezevic, the one who dreamed up both these oddities, thought they were splendid ideas. He’s a strange, strange man.

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