You’re Hot, For A Crazy Person

Ok, so Sheila LaBarre sounds like she’s pretty nuts, but so does this part of the story.

Stephen Martello of Manchester testified he picked up LaBarre alongside Interstate 293 in Manchester early on March 28, 2006. LaBarre told him her car had broken down after getting into a fight with her boyfriend and she needed to get to Dorchester, Mass., to meet with an attorney, Martello said.

Martello said the way LaBarre was clutching her purse and her overall strange behavior prompted him to call the Manchester police to ask whether they were looking for a robbery suspect or a woman who had escaped from prison or a mental hospital.

Hearing from police they weren’t looking for anyone, Martello took LaBarre to a hotel, where they had sex.

What the? I can understand giving her a ride somewhere, but why would you want to screw someone who you thought of as a robber or an escaped prisoner? He’s lucky he’s not dead too.

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