Think Of The Children…Or I’ll Punt You In The Nuts

I love it when unrest happens right in my own back yard, though I guess in my case it would be parking lot.

I was typing something up a few minutes ago when what sounded like a commotion caught my attention, so I stepped out to investigate. I’m glad I did, because we now have our dumbass of the day, even though she may well have had a pretty good point.

What greeted me when I walked outside was an argument between a man and a woman. The woman was berating the guy, saying that she didn’t want to deal with drugs around here and that he needed to go. Another man who said he was her neighbour soon came out to help her, but he’s not really important to the story. What is important is one of the last things the woman said.

“I don’t want you and your drugs here. People like you are the reason these buildings are no good. There are kids that live here, you fucking piece of shit.”

I’ll give you a moment to let the irony of that statement sink in before I lay the best part on you.

Ready? Ok then.

As she’s cursing this guy out, she either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that at least one of the children she’s trying to protect is standing right there, wellwithin earshot, trying to play with a ball.

I’m all for swearing to get a point across, but there’s a reason why they don’t call the well-known organization Save theChildren, Motherfucker! If they did it would have no credibility, much like she does now. Nice going, lady. I’m sure those kids are damn well safer thanks to your heroic efforts to vanquish no-good cocksuckers from our humble fucking home. Way to go, bitch!

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