Bruce Buffer Is For Shit And Other MMA Thoughts

Informal survey time. Has there ever been a ring announcer worse than Bruce Buffer? If there has I certainly haven’t seen him, because that guy sucks in spectacular fashion. He seriously infuriates me. His wacky mumble voice drives me nuts, and his constant habit of putting the emphasis on the wrong syllables makes me want to do harm to people and objects. I wish I could do him justice, but there’s no way. Watch this and you’ll start getting the idea. And next time you’re watching UFC, pay special attention to him. You won’t be glad you did, but you’ll definitely wonder for what reason other than loyalty he is paid to do that job. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but if you need to pay him for something, let him sell programs or drinks or do anything else that doesn’t involve microphones. Speaking is just not for him. By the way, if you’re thinking about defending him, don’t waste your time. If you honestly think he’s any good whatsoever you’re either wrong or deaf, end of discussion.

The only reason I bring this up now is that I just finished watching the WEC Show from last week. If you don’t know, the same company that owns UFC also owns WEC. But even though they’re owned by the same people, they don’t use the same broadcasting crew. the play by play is handled by people who aren’t Joe Rogan, and the ring anouncing is handled by a man named Joe Martinez who is so far and away not Bruce Buffer it’s absurd. It’s seriously mind-blowing that they’ve got this guy toiling in what a lot of people probably consider the minor leagues and Bruce Buffer is all over TV and pay-per-view.

Speaking of the WEC show, if you’re an MMA fan, watch it. Actually just watch the 2 title fights. Those fights are seriously everything that MMA should be. They had it all. Back and forth action, great exchanges standing, awesome ground work, lots of near finishes, the whole 9 yards. The Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda fight in particular is something that everybody needs to see. If they don’t rematch those 2 at some point down the road they’re crazy. The Pulver vs. faber fight was pretty much a 1-sided ass whooping, but as far as 1-sided ass whoopings go, it was great. Jens got it handed to him, but he was right there the whole time and maybe I’m crazy, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if he had wound up finishing him. This was my first time watching Urijah Faber fight and Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen anything like him in my life. It seemed like he could have gone another 5 rounds, the guy’s a machine. It’s too bad that these top 2 matches couldn’t have switched places with some of the stuff on the EliteXC show that aired on CBS the night before. They would have made one hell of a statement for MMA on network TV, unlike some of the poor officiating and lacklustre fights we ended up getting. I’ll definitely check out WEC again, it’s pretty good.

That’s all for now. I’m off to burn out on combat sports a little more and enjoy my air conditioning. Feel free to leave comments or emails. We like that sort of thing, even when we’re getting yelled at.

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