The War On Laughter?

Since when has it become unacceptable to laugh? First we have Chris Cocker, who laughed so hard at a television comedy that he fell off his sofa and disturbed neighbours who called police. Then, because for some reason the police officer wouldn’t leave, Cocker got charged with resisting arrest, got sprayed, and got halled into the cells. That’s on the same ridiculous level as Dawn Herb, the chick who got arrested and halled into court for swearing at her toilet.

And another non-laughing matter is that of Darra Kollios. She was working in a restaurant/bar, talking to a customer, and started laughing. Apparently the laughing was too much for the owner, and he fired her.

Just listen to her laugh. It’s more like a giggle.

Man, I thought laughter was the best medicine. Who knew people would wage war on it as if it were an illegal drug.

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