Something’s Rotten In Denmark

This whole thing makes me sad, and makes me feel like Denmark can’t win with Muslims at all.

A TV program in denmark decided to have a Miss Headscarf competition, and muslim women were encouraged to send in videos of themselves sporting the thing. The winner was Huda Falah, an Iraqi woman who moved to Denmark and wanted to bring the two cultures together. That sounds like a great goal. But oh no, that’s not the way it went over.

Good lord, these women entered of their own accord. And it’s not like a bunch of non-muslims put on head scarves and joined in. Then I’d be mad, not at the TV station, but at the idiots who loused up the contest. But this was a bunch of people trying to alleviate the alienation of muslims in Denmark. Now, there’s an uproar from their own side.

Plus, I think it’s sad that Al Qa’eda went and bombed the Danish embassy in Islamabad last month as an act of revenge for the cartoons published years ago. I guess it’s too much to expect terrorists to see that doing that only proves the point that the cartoonist was driving at. It sure doesn’t help anyone.

What a messs, and I can only feel sorry for Denmark.

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