Definitely Unthinkable, Definitely Not Unsinkable

This story creates more questions than it could possibly hope to answer.

Apparently, a bunch of high school grads booked a week-long vacation through a travel agent, including an event where they went snorkling from a catamaran. Everything was going great until the boat began to sink.

Ok, why was the boat sinking? That was never explained. Why did the crew jump off without helping the kids, including one who had a broken arm? They just said “save your lives!” and plunged in the water! Some crew they’ve got there! Were there not enough lifejackets? Why else would a kid almost drown? And finally, whatever happened to the kid who almost drowned, who was left brain dead on life-support in mexico of all places? Why was everyone else comfortable going on a cruise the next day? It was like they forgot she existed.

Eek. I don’t think this little news story will do wonders for GradCity, the company who booked the trip.

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