It’s a Nice DayTo, Start Bidding

To Kelly Grey:

Hmmm. Do you really think auctioning off a bride’s maid’s spot in your wedding party is a good idea? I mean, I guess it could work, but so much could go so wrong. You’re putting a lot of trust in a random stranger. And, what will you say when you look at the pictures years later? “Oh there’s my sister, and my cousin, and my best friend…and that woman…what was her name? Jen? No. Maybe it was Julie. I don’t know. That EBay chick.”

If you’re so in need of keeping the costs way down, do you think maybe waiting until you have saved some dough might be a smarter plan? This whole bride’s maid auction thing might work out and you could make a new friend, but oh boy, I can see so much going wrong with this.

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