That’s What He Gets For Littering

It’s not even 10 in the morning and I already feel like I can relax and start feeling better about myself. Why? Because I’m not
the 21-year-old dumbass from P.E.I. who fell out of a moving vehicle because it was oh so important that the empty beer bottle made it to the road.

RCMP said the man was a passenger in a van coming home from a beach party in Chelton, between Summerside and Borden. Police said he opened the van door to throw away a beer bottle and fell onto the road.

He suffered major injuries to his feet and head and remains in hospital. RCMP said he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Here’s hoping that his recovery time and whatever portion of his life he may spend in jail as a result of the charges he could now be facing is used learning about this new-fangled thing called a window that they’re installing in most vehicles now.

Here’s also hoping that the omission of the words police believe alcohol was a factor in the incident was simply an oversight.

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