Bruce Buffer Is For Shit And Other MMA Thoughts

Informal survey time. Has there ever been a ring announcer worse than Bruce Buffer? If there has I certainly haven’t seen him, because that guy sucks in spectacular fashion. He seriously infuriates me. His wacky mumble voice drives me nuts, and his constant habit of putting the emphasis on the wrong syllables makes me want […]

This Is A Stupid Question, But What Are You In For Again?

If ever there was somebody with a name perfect for getting arrested for possession of gay child porn,Dick Dickinsonis certainly that man. The strange thing is that Dick isn’t actually his given name, but rather the one he chose to go by because for some reason Lindsey wasn’t working for him. My question is why, […]

Get Well Soon, And Don’t Forget To Hit The Deck!

Boy, the folks making decisions for the US military are sure a thoughtful, kindhearted lot. Not only have they been nice enough to call disabled soldiers back to active duty in war zones, but now they’ve come up with the splendid idea of putting a trauma recovery centre right down the road from a firing […]