Want Some N Words? How About Nitwit, Or Nincompoop, Or Numbskull?

Um, do you think it’s a good idea to make a racial statement by putting a t-shirt on a white kid that has the n word on it and sending her off to her 90% non-white school without so much as having a talk with the kid about the shirt? You wanted to protect her […]


The story of kids being trained to perform sex shows is scary enough. Now I hear they’ve been left in the care of someone who has been charged with sexually assaulting a child 18 years ago. Ug. It makes me shiver. I know he was just charged last week. That had better turn out to […]

Whose Day?

Hey. Here’s a message to all the Scottish teachers who decided to ban Father’s Day Card-making in their schools because some kids don’t have daddy and they’ll feel left out. You can’t shield them from father’s day. It’s freaking everywhere. Won’t it be even more obvious to little Johnny that his classmates are not being […]