Pay No Attention To The Man In The Squad Car

Mercedes Green
was trying to get herself arrested so she’d have a place to spend the night, because if not I’m left to wonder how she made it to age 19 being such a frightening level of stupid.

Jenkins wore a suit and tie in an unmarked police car, according to his arrest affidavit. He said he saw Green attempting to solicit herself for prostitution, so he pulled up along side her hoping his obvious police presence would make her leave.

Instead, she got inside his car and asked “You’re not the police, are you?,” according to the affidavit. He said “what do you think,” and she replied “I didn’t think so.”

Jenkins said Green had to talk very loudly to be heard over his police radio blaring in the background. His police laptop was open and sitting between them and his emergency lights were plainly visible.

Once a deal was made and Green was informed that he was in fact a cop, she tried punching him in the face, actually managing to knock off his glasses. The officer tried to grab for her hair to restrain her but it promptly came off in his hands, which orange wigs tend to do when pulled. At that point Green took off running, but was quickly stopped by another officer.

When asked how she didn’t realize she was walking into a sting, Green offered this classic response:

“You wear glasses, and I didn’t think police could wear them.”


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