Dear Impératif Français

Please, get a life.

But before you go, please also explain to me what is so horribly offensive about a picture of
Samuel de Champlain eating poutine,
and why people in English Canada would give even half a shit about a picture of one of our prominent figures doing the same to a hotdog.

I’m sure a few people are going to hate me for this, but Christ some of you French people are whiny motherfuckers. If you ever decide to stop bitching about things long enough to wonder why the rest of the country doesn’t take you seriously, here’s why.

Maybe I’m missing something, but this is right up there with that whole
Claude Dubois calling the CBC racist for cutting his performance from the airing of a special not meant to be shown on the French service
thing. Hey Claude, it’s called editing, not discrimination. When you’re cutting a 3 plus hour event down to 45 minutes somebody’s gotta go, and you my friend drew the short straw this year. The only thing offensive about your situation is that you
wrang an apology out of them,
the spineless tits.

And hey special interest groups who wish to speak for what I’m sure is a fine province. Not everything is an attempted slight, ok? Get over yourselves. Go eat some cheese fries and calm down. Everything’s gonna be ok.

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