>If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Agree To Not Have Me Jailed?

>Thanks to the Toronto Sun, we now know a lot more about the
personification of the word douchebag that left the phone messages
that I posted yesterday.

He goes by the name Dimitri the Lover and has somehow managed to make a pretty successful racket out of giving love advice to men in the Toronto area. It seems impossible that anybody could be such a loser that his love tips would be a step up, but what do I know? In real life he is James Sears, a former doctor who has been without a medical licence for the past 16 years due to repeated incidents of sexual misconduct, news that should surprise approximately 0 of you. Ok, his being a doctor surprised me, but the rest of it, not so much.

rather unflattering biography
breaks him down in detail, including sitting in on his workshops to gain his insights on women, such as they are.

A few choice cuts:

“Dimitri the Lover” insists he can teach men who attend his Toronto Real Men meetings and workshops how to make women “worship” them.

Billing himself as the “World’s Greatest Lover and Seducer,” Dimitri boasts that even average Joes can learn to woo and “expertly pleasure” the opposite sex.

As we’ve seen, he’s certainly got the gift of the gab.

His theme this month is cruising for women in the 905.

“Downtown Oakville is full of chicks,” Dimitri says. Some of the guys have begun taking notes.

“Lots of nice cougars,” he continues. “But the best is Oshawa Centre … a lot of them work in the GM plant and they make really good money. They’re not looking for sugar daddies.”

Apparently young Dimitri doesn’t much care for
following the news.
Guess he’s too busy looking for his next victim, er, conquest. Which brings us to…

A female officer complained he repeatedly tried to enter her room, and military police found “a can of Mace, several knives, two empty smoke grenade canisters and an electronic stun gun” in his room following an incident.

Sears was judged “immature” in a subsequent psychiatric assessment and it was noted he displayed “inappropriate behaviour towards female staff members,” and was viewed by peers as “un -trustworthy, cynical and narcissistic.”

He underwent psychotherapy and was admitted to Ottawa’s National Defence Medical Centre in 1990 for evaluation and treatment.

There, “record was made of numerous, random and obsessive telephone calls to women during which he would sometimes masturbate,” and evidence suggested “prescribable substance abuse,” according to the College hearing records.

The article tells more tales of compulsive masturbation, complaints frompatients and more psychiatric evaluations before we wind things up with this.

Back at the lair meeting, Dimitri is bragging about his conquests.

“I drove up to Newmarket to get laid in a snowstorm because she was hot,” Dimitri tells the guys.

“Took 45 minutes to get there, half hour to warm her up, an hour to service her, half hour so she didn’t feel like she was used.”

The guys in the room all laugh.

Yup, he’s a winner, and hey ladies, I think he’s single.

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