O Canada!

Wow. I learned something today. I found out that not even the history of the Canadian flag is safe from complete and utter wimpitude. Don’t believe me? How about this prize quote right here, on the subject of how our new flag was chosen in 1964.

The real plus for the maple leaf was its very lack of an established personality and its innocence of mythic or commercial associations. At a time when fierce tribal and religious loyalties repeatedly threatened the survival of the young dominion, anyone could look at the maple leaf and see an unassuming, neutral symbol that posed no threat to his or her identity or interests. Maybe the maple leaf emerged at the top of the symbolic heap because it was the perfect, perhaps the prototypical, Canadian compromise.

So…in order to keep everybody happy, let’s pick a symbol that offends no one. Glen Foster needs to do a skit about this immediately. Ug, reading that makes me want to cry. Can we at least stand up when it involves standing on guard for thee?

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