Will the States Be Going To The Dog-Owners?

Ok, it’s official. a majority of pet-owners are morons. Because John McCain happens to have a bunch of pets, more pet-owners say they will be voting for him than the petless Obama because they think he’s more compassionate simply because he has pets.

Has anyone ever stopped to notice the broad range of types of people who own pets? There are the ones who treat them like their babies. Then there are the ones who don’t have a clue. There are the ones who get a pet for selfish reasons and then realize it’s too much work. Of course there are the lazy ones who buy a big dog and then realize they have to walk it and opt for leaving the dog tied up outside. Just because you own a pet doesn’t mean you are necessarily more compassionate than the ones who don’t have pets. Maybe the guy without pets doesn’t have them because he knows he wouldn’t have time for them and doesn’t want to subject an animal to not getting the time it needs.

Ug people. Please don’t vote based on how much of a zoo each presidential candidate has. Please actually look at the policies before marking your x.

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