One Thing She Can’t Take Pride In Is Her Stupidity

Ok, this is the reverse of that woman who sent her kid to school with a twisted anti-racism shirt on. This one actually drew a swastika on her daughter’s arm. The kid drew the first one, the teacher scrubbed it off, so mommy dearest drew it back on. Now Children’s Aid took her and her little brother away when they came to the house and found it full of white pride flags. The mom’s upset and thinks blacks can say black power and black pride all they want, but whites can’t. Uh, I don’t like the sounds of black power and black pride either. It just sounds like it’s driving wedges between races.

Ok, this is where I get a little conflicted about the story. Did the mom think it was a safe thing to do to have her kid running around with such racially charged symbols on her? The kid may have asked for help to redraw the symbol, but she’s too young to understand it. It probably just looked pretty, similar to mommy’s necklace, and if mommy wears it, it must be good. So in that sense, I understand Children’s Aid thinking the kid’s at risk of getting clobbered, or since this is Winnipeg, burned, by some not so nice older kids. But was it necessary to take the kids away? Shouldn’t there have been some intermediate steps between seeing the symbol and yanking the kids?

One thing I do know is the mom’s a goof, and after she admitted she’d lie about her beliefs in court to the CBC, she may have just done the next stupidest thing she’s ever done, right next to redrawing the swastika on her kid’s arm. Good luck getting your kids back, you’ll need it.

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