A Big Pot Of Pooch Thoughts

Well, here comes another doggy hodgepodge. I warn you, this one’s much longer.

Something happened to me months ago, and I keep forgetting to put it up. I was getting on the city bus, and a kid yelled “Hey! That’s Midas! You stole Midas!” It was either Midas or Linus. I don’t know. Anyway, he was convinced that Trixie was in fact his family pet, and that I had broeken in and grabbed his beloved dog. His mom had to keep saying, “Well it sure looks like him, but it’s not him.” I couldn’t help but giggle.

I saw another dog toy that seems even more evil than the tug chihuahuas I saw last year. There were two types of dolls. One had a postman’s uniform and the other was a nondescript figure and was called “the ex”. the Ex one had the words “You’re a jerk.” written on the back and you were supposed to write your ex’s name at the beginning. Both of these dolls were chew toys for the dog!

Ok, first, the postman one. Don’t dogs already want to come for the postman? Why give them more insentive? And the X? What is that, some kind of voodoo where you use the dog’s teeth as the pins? Yikes!

I had something funny happen the other night. My ailing computer is ailing more. If I shut it off for any length of time, it will post beep. It even has a repertoire of post beeps that it likes. There’s a slower set of beeps that go hi, low, high, low, and there’s a faster set where the new low beep is the old high beep from the other set. Ooo! It’s trying to sing a song, and the tune isn’t a happy one. I’ve had techs in to look at it, they’ve reseated the CPU, looked at my bios, cleaned my fans, everything they can think of, and they can’t fix the beast. I think all that’s left for it is to limp along until it can’t limp anymore.

Anyway, the point of this rambling mess is I dreamed that I had to shut off my computer, and when it came back on, it made a new beep, and a voice said “CPU failing in 2 minutes.” I woke up with a start, and as I did, Trixie was dream barking. I had to wonder if we were having simultaneous nightmares.

Well, I’d have to say that since my last post crying about Trixie’s work taking a poop, it seems to have gotten better. Could it be the weather staying the same for a while? Could it be the pumpkin? I don’t know, but I’ll take it. But it’s almost creepy the way her work has gotten better. It’s like she’s reading my mind.

For the last little while, she’s been making me catch my foot in this weird sewer grate thing in the sidewalk. I was out for a walk with her to try and rebuild my confidence in her, and she veered so far around it that we had to get back on the sidewalk and out of the parking lot. Then on the way home, she made it so I barely touched the thing. Then I got a little nervous because it seemed she wasn’t paying as much attention to cars as I like. It wasn’t that she wasn’t paying attention at all, I just felt she was gambling a little too much. Then, she went overcaughtious and we stood and waited while 4 cars pulled out of a parking lot. Am I sending signals I don’t even realize I am? Probably. Well, she got the message.

It looks like I got my wish about talking to Chuck, the guy from the school. I got the letter that said the magic words. Chuck is coming! It says he’ll be in my area from the 5th to the 19th of August, so somewhere in there, he’ll drop by and see me. This time, I’m not nervous about him coming. I have about azillion things I want him to do/see. I want to see if those Barkn boots he sent up for us to try during our boot troubles are even the right size in case I can’t get more Mushers’ or something. I want him to try and show me how to put them on properly to see if I’m half the problem. I’m thinking about getting him to show me how to do the clicker thing with Trix, and I want to make sure I’m doing all I can with dog destractions. She’s not horrible, but every now and then, she gets really interested in a dog, and my corrections don’t seem to mean a thing. Yeah Chuck! You’re a good man.

This whole thing about my classmate having to career change her dog must have really bothered me. I mean, I knew it did, but I started dreaming about it. I dreamed that I had to retire Trixie way early, she just didn’t care about me anymore, and I was back in training. I felt so miserable being there. I felt I had let Trixie down, and I was afraid of starting over, etc. And then for some reason, the trainers asked me what my classmate’s graduation speech was, and asked me to repeat it. There I was, crying, repeating her speech. What a strange dream.

With it being so goddamn hot, I really want to take Trixie for a swim. I can tell she would get in the pool if she could. but I don’t think my landlord would be down with letting her in the pool, since her hair may clog the filter. I don’t think her nails would do damage to the pool since it’s all cement and in-ground, but that doesn’t stop the hair problem. So someone said I should take her out to Guelph Lake. This creates a whole bunch of other logistical problems. How would I let her swim and know she was safe? I mean, I would go with a friend, but sometimes other people don’t notice things that I might need to know about. I think I would have to let her loose, since I would think a flexi leash would just get tangled. But I’m not the greatest swimmer, so I don’t know if I could go as far as she might if she loves the water. I’d get her to do her duty before making the big splash, but what if she peed or crapped in the lake? Or worse, what if she found another dog’s crap? She’s eaten other dogs’ crap before! *gag*. I just wish she could get in a pool. I would feel a lot safer with that. For one thing, it would be easier for me to get in and swim with her. Swimming in a lake just makes me nervous. So if anyone out there has ideas on swimming with their woofs, that would be awesome.

This is just a curiosity. I was watching To Serve and Protect, and a police officer got out with his tracking dog. He was looking for someone, and every so often, he would say something to the dog that sounded like “sue”. Either “sue or “zoo” or “soup”, but mostely “sue”. What is this? Is it German? what’s it German for? I’m so curious. Does anybody know?

I think that’s about it for this installment of all things woofer. That was definitely better than the last one.

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