Would You Like To Play Again? You Have Selected No.

If you really want to feel like an immense loser, play the Blind Date Game from RNIB! You can feel like a dork in flash, or HTML! Oh my god, there were only two choices of dudes: one who was an Elvis impersonater, and the other was a partially sighted computer geek. At least with the girls, there’s one half-decent looking choice. One chick is always on her cellphone, and the other one at least sounds like guys might like her. I love how, in terms of both sexes, one of them gives no mention of vision problems and the other one has the visual impairment thing pounded into your skull with a frying pan. The not half bad girl has a guide dog with her.

Ug, it is the shittiest almost text adventure game you’ll ever play. Each step you take, you only get 2 choices, 3 if you’re lucky. Each time you make a move, you can play an audio version of what happens, and they are lame lame lame. Hey Elvis-impersonater, you sound like crap. Did you take microphone lessons from the good folks at Porn For The Blind? You’re clipping like mad. Step away from the microphone just a touch. Thank you, thank you very much.

Funnily enough, the game is designed by some place called Nomensa. I certainly do not feel like someone who belongs in Mensa after this.

Ug! A lot of blinks have a tendency to find/date losers. Why have a game that drives that point home even more? Let’s just say I won’t be a repeat player.

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