>Would You Like To Play Again? You Have Selected No.

>If you really want to feel like an immense loser, play the Blind Date Game from RNIB! You can feel like a dork in flash, or HTML! Oh my god, there were only two choices of dudes: one who was an Elvis impersonater, and the other was a partially sighted computer geek. At least with the girls, there’s one half-decent looking choice. One chick is always on her cellphone, and the other one at least sounds like guys might like her. I love how, in terms of both sexes, one of them gives no mention of vision problems and the other one has the visual impairment thing pounded into your skull with a frying pan. The not half bad girl has a guide dog with her.

Ug, it is the shittiest almost text adventure game you’ll ever play. Each step you take, you only get 2 choices, 3 if you’re lucky. Each time you make a move, you can play an audio version of what happens, and they are lame lame lame. Hey Elvis-impersonater, you sound like crap. Did you take microphone lessons from the good folks at Porn For The Blind? You’re clipping like mad. Step away from the microphone just a touch. Thank you, thank you very much.

Funnily enough, the game is designed by some place called Nomensa. I certainly do not feel like someone who belongs in Mensa after this.

Ug! A lot of blinks have a tendency to find/date losers. Why have a game that drives that point home even more? Let’s just say I won’t be a repeat player.

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