He’s Gonna Be Someone’s Prison Table

Arthur Price Jr., the picnic table molesting Ohio man wereported on back in Marchhas beensentencedto 6 months of…well…hard time. He pleaded no contest to charges of “disseminating harmful material to juveniles and public indecency” and is now a felon. I wish I had a snappy way to end this, but I’m coming up enpty. Feel […]

>Out Of It

>After a 5 year wait,Brad Sucksis finally ready to release his new album, Out of It. This news makes me very happy. In fact it makes me so happy that I’ve already pre-ordered myself a copy. If you’d like to do the same or even just get more info and hear a preview that in […]

Happy Birthday To You, Your School Is A Zoo, You Don’t Like Two Classmates, So No Party For You

This is ridiculous. Who would have thought a parliamentary ombudsman would be required to settle something to do with a kid’s birthday party? But after reading this bullshit, the ombudsman should be involved. A kid in Sweden wrote out invitations to invite who he wanted to *his* birthday party. Because he didn’t invite two kids […]