>Greg Gaun?

>Man, between that title and thefireonything from earlier, I’m sure a few of you would like nothing better than to beat my ass so I’ll stop the horrible wordplay. Actually, I’m sure there’s a pretty solid number of you that would love a chance to beat my ass for all kinds of reasons, but that’s […]

>I Can See By the Bumps On Your Skin That You’ve Got…

>Uh, yikes. Here’s one more reason to do your own research when you have a weird medical problem. A doctor himself, Robert Clark developed this weird itching. He went to every doctor under the sun, and nobody knew what it was…until finally, he found dermatologist Howard Luber, who said, “You’ve got scabies. Yup, goddamn scabies. […]

>More Fireony

>I can admit when I’ve been beaten. it doesn’t happen much, but it’s happened today. Last night Iposted a pretty good story about the flaming demise of a truckload of fire extinguishers.But today that tale was topped in spectacular fashion bythe flaming demise of an entire fire station,as much of the town’s fire department looked […]

Another Victory For Grade 1 Science

Fragmenting Arctic ice shelf a sign of warming temperatures: scientist In related news, gravity holds things down, the sky is up there and rain contains drops of water. I’m pretty certain that Derek Mueller didn’t write that headline himself, but the way he carries on and on like he’s just discovered the cure for cancer, […]