Do You Believe In Magic?

If you’re contemplating holding a protest during the Beijing Olympics and honestly, who isn’t, don’t forget that the official rules as set forth by the Olympic organizing committee state that you must
apply 5 days in advance for approval to use one of the area’s 3 designated demonstration sites.
And if you have even half a mind to hold one of those gatherings that could be considered “harmful” to national interests, then you can just forget it. There’s an outright ban on that sort of thing, mister.

And in related Disaster 2008 news, International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge (which I believe when literally translated means Head Up His Ass) is confident that
“the magic of the games”
will be strong enough to make us all forget about this crazy human rights hullaballoo. Yes, that’s essentially what he said.

He also compared the issues surrounding the games this year to those that came up before the Athens Olympics 4 years earlier. Back then the main concern was whether or not all of the buildings would be ready in time. You can see the similarities in the concerns I’m sure.

Even if these games turn out well, it can’t possibly be considered a victory for the IOC. If I recall, the stated reason for awarding them to China to begin with was to give them a chance to prove everybody wrong. What’s happened is exactly the opposite. It doesn’t matter how many factories you close or how much you try to change the culture and customs of the land to make it easier for people to adjust or even how good your
traffic control system
is, you can’t polish a turd, and that’s exactly what Rogge and the Chinese officials have been trying to do all along.

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