How Bout No?…Or Is That Supposed To Be How Bout Know?

Lecturer calls for spelling amnesty on students’ top 20 errors

I’ve got a better idea. If first-year university students can’t spell with any degree of competence, why not send them back to primary school and make them learn everything over again until they get it right? University is supposed to be where the best and the brightest go to learn and grow, a place with standards so high that I shouldn’t be able to get in. Instead, the places continue to churn out clueless idiots who are more interested in being activists that don’t understand what they stand for than they are in learning any actual skills, skills like sentence structure, for instance. Turning a blind eye to these types of mistakes benefits no one, not even lazy teachers like Ken Smith who don’t feel like fixing them anymore. When the day comes that you need a lawyer for something, who would you rather have on your side? Do you want the well spoken guy who knows his ass from a hole in the ground, or would you prefer Cletus McTard who can’t tell you the difference between been and bean or there and their? I know who gets my vote, and even though he’d be entertaining, it ain’t Cletus.

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