Summer Love and a Preview of World War III: African Round Ball Style

Morning friends;

So I didn’t have much to say this morning as, let’s face it, it’s sunday and I’m hungover as shit. I have, however, in the last 2 day watched an inhuman ammount of Olympic coverage – mainly of sports I would rarely take any interest in. I am quickly becoming a fan of Women’s Beach Volleyball. I’ll overlook the fact that, apparently, China has no beachs and just filled a small stadium with sand. I mean who really cares about that when all these slim fit women are playing volleyball in the sand in what can only be described as a bikini. When I think “high performance Olympic athlete” I think bikini. But hey, it’s got me watching so I guess it wasn’t that bad of an idea.

Steve spit some real venom at Kid Rock earlier… I personally don’t share his opinion. Sure, I would generally prefer musicians write their own songs – but if you’re as untalented as Kid Rock you need to find a way to stay on the radio. So forget taking one guy’s masterpiece! Takw 2! Put your own little spin on it and you got yourself a summer hit. Honestly, I don’t hate the song. I do find it catchy and while I wouldn’t spend a penny on an album or concert ticket – I’m not as offended by hearing it on the radio as Steve seems to be.

I’m currently watching USA vs China in men’s basketball. This game has been hyped for months now but I don’t understand why. I guess because it’s the host country vs the stacked Americans… but there’s no competition in terms of talent. The Chinese have Yau Ming (sp?) and the Americans have…. King James, Kobe, CB4, Wade, Paul, Kidd and 5 other NBA All Stars that will barely see court time.

That said – it’s midway through the 2nd quarter and it’s 29-29 so maybe I’m an idiot and the Chinese will make this interesting… but I have a feeling this will get out of hand in the 2nd half.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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