I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars

Sorry about the obscure title – but I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the last…. 4 months or so. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

This will basically be a stream of consciousness – largely geared around sports so if you’re not a sporty kinda person you can probably scroll on past.

Wow… you’re still here? Awesome!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m watching a ton of Olympics right now. I love that I can turn on TV at basically any time of day and see some sort of sport… I’m getting a bit frustrated with the coverage being given to the Canadiam teams though. It’s unfair. This is a subject for a much longer rant that I actually already have written that I’ll post somewhere – but basically this country needs to decide if we’re going to be a sports country or not. Right now we’re half-assing it in terms of funding. If this country wants to be a powerhouse in sports then tax payers are going to have to pony up a fair bit more money.

Contrarily, if we aren’t comfortable with spending our tax money on sports, which is understandable, than we need to stop pretending we should be on par with the US and China and countries spending billions.

We could easily become a country that says we aren’t a sports country and stop spending any tax dollars on it and just let it happen that if our athlete’s are good enough on their own and can find their own funding then they’ll go. But it can’t be both ways.

What happens now is unfair. We give our athlete’s no money, let them live below the poverty line, send them off to the Olympics where they, somehow, miraculously, score a personal best in their sport just to let them come home and read in the papers on see on TV what a disappointment they are since their personal best wasn’t good enough for a medal. That’s not fair.

So – we either give them nothing and then be happy with whatever they can accomplish on their own – or we pony up and get to a situation where we actualy have a right to question the return on investment we got. No more of this half-ass crap.

On to other things.

The Blue Jays suck. There! I said it! I love the Jays and they’ve sucked all year, but not bad enough that I can just forget them and stop checking. They have to walk that line of barely being in the playoff race… but not really. Last week they swept Oakland in a 4 game series which got people talking about this past weekend’s series. Cleveland, the worst team in the AL Central was coming to town and if the Jays could do some damage against them they’d be right in the race with 15 games in a row against the 3 teams ahead of them coming up. Now that’s something to get excited about! What happens? They shit the bed for 3 straight games against Cleveland – completely undoing any good they had done against Oakland. Good work boys.

I’m tired of hearing about Mats Sundin. I love the guy – in fact I have a $200 Leafs jersey with his name on it hanging in my closet. But fucking decide already. Are you playing or not? Even once he decided that the drama won’t be over. If he is playing we then have to find out if he’s playing here, in Montreal or Vancouver or shit-knows-where! It’s getting old, man. The Leafs need to tell him he has ’til Friday to decide if he’s in blue or white this year. We’re going to suck this year – with or without him – so there’s no need to bend over backwards for him any longer… We’ve given him since… APRIL!

That feels much better.

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