Man’s Best Friend, Even In Death

I can’t decide if this story makes me sad or angry. A guy drives out on the prairie with his dog and commits suicide. The dog stands guard over his body for six weeks. It’s worth noting that she didn’t nibble a single toe. The dog is rescued and reunited with her family.

First, there is the sad parts, especially for that poor dog. She was a damn smart dog though, eating mice and rabbits to survive. Equally sad is the fact that Jake Baysinger decided to end things, and more time is given to the dog than him. It’s like they’re just happy to find the pickup truck and the dog. It seems the fact that the 2-year-old is happy to see the dog is getting more time than the fact that he’s now without a father. I’m sure that’s got more to do with the state people were in when the report was taken, but it’s still sad.

There’s a small part of me that’s angry, although every time it tries to speak, a larger part of me slaps it down, says it’s being unfair and tells it to shut up. It’s angry that the guy took the dog out to this deserted part of the prairies, probably knowing he was going to kill himself, and didn’t give any thought to the dog.

Here comes the bigger part of me, with a big hand to slap the other part. If he’s killing himself, he’s not exactly rational. How can I expect rational behaviour from someone so devoid of it at the moment?

I know, I know. But the act of leaving the dog to fend for herself, to me, epitomizes the selfish aspect of ending one’s life.

The hand comes again, *slap*! *Slap*! I know the answer to the question of why they did it, and it’s got nothing to do with selfishness. It’s all about state of mind. They just think the world will go on without them. Maybe they think the dog would be better off, because they’re so upset.

But that’s the point. They’re wrong, and look at what they did to that dog. Look at the hole they left in a family because they decided they were just going to bail.

The hand comes again. *slap*! Shut up! Don’t heap more guilt on him.

What does it matter? He’s already gone!

I don’t know how to end this, except to say I hope that family and dog can get well.

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