The Fake News Alerts Get Scarier

The other day, I talked about fake emails from CNN and Microsoft that were actually viruses. Well, they’ve gotten even creepier. Now, they say they’re coming from MSNBC, and they make it look like the link is a raw link that goes where it should, but it isn’t. So, if you get news alerts, and suddenly, raw links are showing up in your emails, don’t believe they go where they say they do. Check to make sure they actually do by right clicking on the link, copying the shortcut and looking at it somewhere else. Of course, if you don’t receive news alerts, just delete the email. I know, duh, but I have to say it.

Let me show you what I mean by the link looks like a raw link but doesn’t go where it should. Suppose I said go to . Where would you assume that went. Google, right? Does it?

Now, if you right clicked that link and chose copy shortcut and then pasted what you got somewhere like notepad or an email, you would find out where it really goes. The shortcut can’t lie. I don’t know if when you right click the link, its real location shows up on the screen, but that’s the only way I know to get at it.

So, watch out. Those nasty virus-creating pricks are getting even sneakier.

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