R.I.P. My Stupid Computer

Well, it’s official. my limping computer can’t limp anymore. It is a large paperweight. Today, it shut off three times while I was trying to click links. The third time, it would not turn on. the other times, I had to reach back and hit the direct power switch that supplied the juice to the power supply to get it to remember how to turn on. The last time that happened, the bios forgot everything it had remembered and I had to press f1 to continue. After that, it shut off for the last time.

I made the mistake of going to get laundry, and when I came back, my computer would only power up for about half a second. Then it would power back off again. I think it’s official. It’s time to say it’s gone. I was hoping it would wait until June of 09 when I came due for ADP, but that’s not to be.

I should have known it wasn’t going to make it. Let’s go through the times I have cursed this beast from hell. I had it less than a month when the scanner broke, and the fan whined like a jet engine, sending it back to the repair shop, such as it was. Four months later, it blew a regulator. Do four-month old computers blow regulators? Well, mine did. It dragged its arse along for a while, until it consumed about 12 hours’ worth of Steve’s email, and I noticed other files going missing. I dragged my feet until I finally took it to a repair-shop. For a while, I thought it was healed! It seemed to be all good…until…August of that year when I had to take it to another shop, which profoundly sucked. Amazingly, the stupid thing hummed along until February of 2008 when I got it new ram. Again, I thought it was cured. Not so much. All of this was for nothing. Now, it appears to be dead, and Steve and Trixie’s second lover drank a toast to the now deceased computer.

Anyway, now that everyone’s thoroughly bored, my only point I had was posts may be a little thin since we’ll be sharing one computer. Steve, le’ts hope I don’t manage to break yours too, like what happened to you when you were using my old, good computer while yours was dead.

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