I’m Not Jazzed About This

The idea that Air Canada’s Jazz Airlines has decided to stop carrying life jackets to save money scares me. Sure, they still have the seat cushions that can be used as flotation devices, but how long can you hold onto one of those if you’re in cold water? And how many people will be killed in the mayhem of everybody standing in the aisles of airplanes trying to remove their seat cushions during a crash?

What scares me even more is I think I’m riding on an Air Canada Jazz plane for part of my journey to Portland for the GDB reunion in September. I can’t check, because my ETicket is on my comatose computer. I know it’s only from Vancouver to Portland that I think I’m riding Jazz, so I don’t think I have to worry about being over water, but eek. Flying is really starting to profoundly suck.

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